I was born in Uruguay, a small country in South America; in 2017 me, my wife and our dog moved to the United States, and have been here since then.

Now, we are making plans to move to Canada!

My first job in the tech industry was around 1999, and in the past 11 years I have been working as a mobile developer for Android and iOS, building applications and games.

As a game developer I worked for game development studios like Zynga, Big Fish and GREE. Also, I built and managed my own company where, besides applications, we built 2 games from our own brand, and a couple more for other companies, from prototypes to full released products.

For development, I always used native code (Objective-C and Java) and had experience with the Cocos2D engine (for iOS and some experience with their C++ version). Now, I’m moving to Unity for game development, Swift and Kotlin for mobile applications.